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Data modelling & charting

Spreadsheet audit

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Do you have lots of data but more questions than answers about what it's telling you?

Do you need a spreadsheet to perform a repeatable analysis or gather data from multiple sources.  Are you short of the time or skill to create such a spreadsheet or extract the answers you need?

Is your spreadsheet slowing you down, and are you certain it's giving you the right results?

Your spreadsheet is a key component in your reporting, and you depend on it to be right, but when your re-calcs taking forever, or you're uncertain about how much faith you can have in the results, you have reason to be concerned.

Tutoring at your desk. Free needs assessment

Spreadsheet consulting and contract assignments

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Feeling like you need to improve your spreadsheeting skills, but haven't the time for a multi-day course? 

With a FREE needs assessment we can tailor your training specifically to your current knowledge and real life spreadsheeting needs, at your desk.

Are you under pressure to get your spreadsheeting job done, but lacking the time?

Have you lost the person who created your key spreadsheets and now don't know how to update them?

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SPM Consultants Ltd

SPM Consultants Ltd is a specialist firm of asset management consultants offering a range capital forward planning services primarily to central and local government, and facilities managers.  iExcel is a preferred supplier to SPM, and our principal has completed over 20 projects for them.  See more details soon.

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We're expert in
  • Pivot Tables
  • Dashboarding
  • Complex Data Analysis
  • Spreadsheet Modelling
  • Spreadsheet interfacing with other systems
  • etc.
We're also experts at:
  • Asset barcoding
  • Physical auditing with PDA's & scanners
  • Book to physical asset reconciliation
  • Asset renewals planning
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